“Stress isn’t going anywhere. It’s inevitable. I can’t get rid of that for you. But, what I can do is teach you a few strategies you can use throughout the day to be better prepared when it shows up.”

Amanda Muhammad, MA



For Psychological Safety

Most of the companies we work with have ambitious desires and goals for their staff but lack an environment that fosters consideration for the well-being and psychological safety of their employees. Learn more about our bidirectional approach to creating psychological safety personally and professionally.
“Amanda is a phenomenal trainer! I worked with her to offer her signature Stress Resilience Training to our entire organization. Our offices are located all over the Northeast Texas area. Some of us work hours away from each other and it is rare that we are all together in one room. With Amanda leading our virtual training, it felt like we were in the room together and that felt good. Amanda engaged our team in a way that exceeded expectations. She started with mindfulness and movement practices that were impactful and practical for everyone. Our staff left the training with evidence-based tools that they could use right away to reduce stress. We are beyond grateful for the training and the Inbox Coaching™. I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful professional relationship with her and her team!”
Girl Scouts of NorthEast Texas
“I recently attended a Psychological Safety Workshop led by Amanda with Mako Mindfulness. Our team left with inspiring ideas on how to bring our best selves to the table as well as a better understanding of how to ensure others feel safe to bring their authentic self to each discussion. With a focus on navigating stress and being purposeful about the interactions we have with our peers, we gained tools to center ourselves and inspire the best in ourselves and others. Safety is Ecolab’s #1 priority! Thank you Ecolab for valuing not only our physical safety but our psychological safety as well. Reach out to Amanda - you’ll love her enthusiasm, flow of thought, stretch activities, insight and the fun she brought to the topic! There was a lot of laughter shared by all - no better way to keep a team engaged! 😊”
“Ms. Amanda Muhammad is extremely talented and has the ability to inspire, motivate, and develop her audience. I have witnessed her captivating style of speech as a keynote speaker at my TEA Community Partnerships summer conference. She is an expert in mindfulness strategies and is able to support educators with an approach to mindfulness that shapes the culture in the school and in the classroom learning environment. Her training strategies create opportunities for educators to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety that is supportive of mood control so that they give their positive best to students daily. I guarantee that you will feel good about yourself after your engaging experience with Amanda. She will help move your mood to help you gain a better quality of life. Enjoy!!!”
Texas Education Agency
“Amanda gave a full day training on Mindfulness in the Classroom to our team of Out of School Time Professionals at IDEA Public School Rio Grande Valley. The team was blown away by the resources shared and many of them said how impactful the material was both personally and professionally. Already our social emotional learning initiatives have been exponentially improved with the tools Amanda shared. I cannot overstate how important this content is in our K-12 environment at this particular moment in time. I am so grateful to have been exposed to Amanda's work and to be able to bring her gifts to our team.”
Idea Public Schools
“It has been such a joy working with Amanda over the last 2 years. During a very difficult time she was able to curate relevant virtual mindfulness trainings for our organization. She has the rare gift of engaging the audience and making everyone feel a part of the conversation. Her content was always spot on and delivered with enormous energy and passion. You can feel her passion with every word spoken. If you are looking for training/coaching with strong applicable content and action items to bring it full circle certainly reach out to Amanda. Your audience will feel empowered and emboldened to be their authentic self.”
“Amanda Muhammad has an extraordinary talent that transcends to everyone around her platform. She is passionate about her training and participants are captivated by her skill to intertwine real world concepts. The Port Arthur ISD has had the privilege of working with her for over two years, and each time she delivers quality work, compassion, and dedication to the task. She has a happy, calm spirit and a unique touch that individualizes her sessions. In addition, the inbox coaching, customized school district portal, and supporting resources allows our employees the opportunity to view at their leisure. After completing a session, you will feel energized, calm, and ready to “Create a Great Day!” as her Mako Mindfulness motto states. We strongly recommend Amanda Muhammad to assist you in moving your organization and we look forward to our continued partnership with her.”
Port Arthur ISD
“Amanda provided a guided Stress-Management seminar for my company’s employee resource group and I was blown away by the quality and success of the discussion. We wanted to provide a resource for our employees that would be a benefit to them in the midst of all the stresses related to this very trying and long year. Amanda’s services were right on time for that! We briefly learned about her work, worked through a breathing exercise and she walked us through a ton of resources to successfully respond to stress in the future. There was no judgment in the session. Her aura was warm and inviting and I could tell that everyone left the session lighter. I was impressed even before the session with the online portal she provided. I could tell that she and her team attentively listened to our needs and catered the portal accordingly. Her passion and professionalism was extremely refreshing. I highly recommend organizations to invest in their employees by providing resources like Amanda’s. Thanks for a stellar session!”

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