Breathing Exercises: Should I breathe through my nose or mouth?

Nose vs. Mouth?    When it comes to my breathing practice, should I be breathing through my nose or through my mouth?   This is one of those questions I get a lot when facilitating training with breathing exercises, so I wanted to share my thoughts about this.    When you’re exercising or running, you’ll notice you often breathe out of your mouth. And this is great; it releases tension and exerts force.    But then when you go to a yoga class, you’ll find they tell you to breathe in and out through the nose.    Here’s why breathing through the nose is the common recommendation for mindfulness practices:   
  • Your nose has these mucus membranes with cilia. This cilia can filter out dust particles while retaining moisture and maintaining warth. 
  • The nasal cavity is smaller so it takes longer for your breath to escape. This slows down your breath and leads to deeper breathing which can help you activate your sense of calm. 
  So for me? Yes, I typically breathe through my nose during my breathing exercises.    But here’s the real advice: Do what works best for you!    For some people, due to blockages or other issues, breathing through the nose just isn’t comfortable. That’s okay! That does NOT mean breathing exercises aren’t for you.    The nose vs. mouth debate is actually a question of individual choice. Practice both and find which you prefer. Do what works best, take your time, and make sure you are breathing in a relaxed way.   

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