Your employees can increase psychological safety and build resilience to stress with Inbox Coaching.

Improving company culture and employee retention can seem overwhelming, we know. Especially when the way it currently looks for you is ANYTHING but hopeful.

If your organization is anything like our other clients are, you’re probably seeing employee’s: 1. experiencing high levels of stress and maybe even burn out 2. feeling forced to choose between thriving at work or home 3. leaving the organization at alarming rates

We know because we see our clients struggle with this over and over again, which is why we're so excited to bring our evidence-based approaches to stress resilience and psychological safety to your organization.

Mako Mindfulness is a boutique professional development company supporting schools and organizations globally. Through innovative training and resources, we serve employees with the tools and training necessary to better manage their stress and create psychological safety at work.

Our approach to Stress Management and Psychological Safety is a result of 3 things:

1. Working in the corporate space & education while never receiving resources to manage stress & create Psychological Safety 

2. Continuously meeting leaders, just like you, who are looking for a place to start when it comes to more engaged and resilient employees

3. Understanding that just 26% of employees have felt Psychologically Safe at work during the pandemic, and learning it’s the reason why we’re currently experiencing The Great Resignation.

We’ve supported thousands of employees globally by helping them find strategies for managing stress and creating Psychological Safety that are practical, actionable, and evidence-based.

One off trainings are great, but the impact you’re looking for lies in consistency.
Our Inbox Coaching program is the only on-demand solution delivered straight to your employee’s inbox.

Our weekly lessons are designed to help your employees implement actionable strategies to improve their sense of psychological safety and stress resilience.

because you know what happens when your employee's are actively working toward managing stress and creating psychological safety?

Employee’s wake up Monday morning FEELING CAPABLE OF tackling the week, because they have the tools/resources to support themselves as challenges inevitably pop up

You begin seeing a decrease in turnover rates because employee’s are capable of not only supporting themselves, they support each other creating a ripple effect of a more engaged workforce across the organization

And as a result your organization is bridging the gap between leadership and their teams, increasing the sense of belonging, and improving communication.

Just imagine being able to bring employees together for a shared experience with proven best-practices to increase the resiliency and psychological safety within your organization. 



The answer to keeping self-care and psychological safety top of mind for your employees. 


Frequently Asked Questions About INBOX COACHING

Employees actively learning and implementing strategies to improve the way they navigate stressful situations and experience psychological safety at work. As a result employees will experience increased harmony between their personal and professional lives, spark rich discussions and actionable change, and shift their perspective on the impact of the way they show up to work.

Depending on your program, Inbox Coaching lasts anywhere between 12-52 weeks. 

Yes! Please contact us for information at You can also select any of the inquire buttons on the page to schedule a consultation if you are purchasing for a district or organization, we do have group discounts available. 

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how your participants can enroll in Inbox Coaching™.  

Your employee’s will receive their coaching content weekly via email. 

If your employee’s have questions about the content, they can reply to any Inbox Coaching™ email to contact our team. 

Who is inbox coaching created for?

inbox coaching is for your employee's if…

They need consistent reminders to check in with themselves and strategies to get them through challenging moments.

They aren’t sure why or how to implement certain self-care, resilience-building, or coping strategies into their lives and/or their work environments.

They are tired of searching through Pinterest or Google for exercises or lessons to use for themselves or their students that just aren’t “clicking” for stress management and creating a fun & safe environment for everyone.

They are admittedly a little uncomfortable with the idea, but are open to learning and trying new things for the sake of themselves and creating Psychological Safety.

And inbox coaching might not be a good fit for your employee's if…

You are not open-minded or patient. Implementation and results take time and will vary based on each individual’s experience.

Being effective at work means staying focused, energized, and showing up motivated every day. But, in the face of constant stress and pressure, this can feel difficult or even impossible.

We’ll cover:

  • How to build awareness of and acknowledge personal stressors
  • Understanding your stress and learn actionable strategies for coping
  • Strategies for coping with change and uncertainty
  • The impacts of stress and ways to assess your symptoms
  • How to cope with stress using the 5a’s (Acceptance, Avoidance, Alter, Adapt, Action)
  • How to recognize the need for and enforce boundaries

When your work requires you to be compassionate, a lack of an effective self-care routine can result in apathy, isolation, bottled-up emotions, and a considerable amount of other symptoms of secondary traumatic stress otherwise known as compassion fatigue. Learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms is imperative to keep morale and employee engagement up. 

In this program, participants will learn warning signs and evidence-based practices to build resiliency so they don’t detach from their work and maintain the capacity to effectively communicate with and care for their groups. Participants will learn a blend of preventative measures as well as tools they can use the moment they start to feel themselves becoming burnt out. 

When we want healthier relationships, we get the support, increase the patience, and are more open to seeing things from a different point of view. Have you ever thought about this for your relationships at work? Many of us spend more time with our coworkers than our own loved ones, of course we want our work environments to feel safe. It’s time to do the work.

In this scenario-based program, participants will take time to better understand how the way they show up to work ultimately impacts their work environment, how their work environment ultimately impacts them, and actionable steps they can take to contribute to a psychologically safer work environment.

You know the saying “treat others the way you wish to be treated”? What happened between grade school and now that has teams thinking it’s okay to be disrespectful, inauthentic, rude, and irresponsible with each others feelings? That’s not sounding very psychologically safe.

In this training, we’re taking a page out of Aretha’s book and discussing what R.E.S.P.E.C.T. means to us individually and organizationally so we can more forward, respectfully.

Stress is defined as the weight of your demands being heavier than your capacity to handle them. Do you ever feel that way about your workplace? If so, have you ever thought about how the demands on your plate correlate with your ability to cope with emotional, cognitive, and mental pressures. We know we need support, but where do we start?  What’s available to us? Will we be shamed?

In this program, participants will explore what resources are available to them and what steps need to be taken for them to feel more inclined to take advantage of them. 


you're in good company

This was my first year teaching and it was a difficult one. I was stressed to the point where I barely remember the beginning of the year. These trainings really helped me and I try to practice mindfulness while educating every day. I truly believe in the practice that you and your company are spreading! I have even spread some of this to my spouse and our home.

Are you ready to help your employee's reinvigorate themselves and their environments with stress management & psychological safety strategies that work?

"Listening to Amanda’s videos is like hearing from a wise friend who understands the stress and anxiety common for care providers. Whether you are a leader, teacher, manager, first responder or family care provider, Amanda reminds us why we must protect our greatest gift – our ability to care. She goes further to provide practical strategies that we can use every day. Make sure to absorb what Amanda shares. Those you manage, support, lead or take care of depend on you to do this."
- Mary Ann
Educator & Workplace Wellness Expert
"Amanda's Mindfulness training has been extremely valuable for the trauma- informed work that we do with our East Austin College Prep students. Amanda's training is informative, concise, interactive, and engaging. Amanda is knowledgeable, professional, and an expert in this field. Her consultation has helped us in rolling out mindfulness in a strategic and effective way. We can't wait to have her teach the rest of our teachers and see the impact it will bring to their lives and our student's lives."
- East Austin College Prep

Trust the process with Inbox Coaching. Your employee's will learn to change the way they work through and respond to stressful situations, and get back to working in an impactful, engaging, and dynamic environment that everyone thrives in.