Coping with Workplace Burnout

Ever felt like you’re constantly drained, despite getting a good night’s rest?

This might be more than needing more rest, this could be a subtle sign of workplace burnout.

Signs creeping up might look like this:

🔋 Constantly feeling drained, even if the day was “easy”.

🔋 That “meh” feeling becoming your daily routine.

🔋 A mental fog that just won’t lift.

🔋 Reacting to everything (even the small stuff) with a side of cynicism.

And, my friend, here’s the twist: while stress feels like a sprint, burnout feels like you’re in a never-ending marathon… without realizing it.

But you know what could possibly help prevent or support this? If our workplaces made small shifts towards creating more psychological safety.

Here Are Three Tiny Things That Make A Big Impact:

🖤 Crystal Clear Clarity 🖤

No guessing games about tasks, goals, or expectations. When everything’s laid out neatly, you’re in the know and that weight on your shoulders? Lighter!

💪🏽 Equip, Don’t Just Hope 💪🏽

Instead of just wishing for the best, imagine being handed the tools, training, and opportunities to truly excel.

🧘🏽 Life Beyond the Screen🧘🏽

The spotlight is on finding harmony between work and rest. Realistic goals, regular breaks, and tasks are shared like confetti! 🎉

Feeling like you’re on the brink? Breathe. Here’s a mini rescue kit:

🍀 Set your boundaries: Work’s at work, home’s at home. Seal them.

🍀 Find your zen moment: Dance, read, or even binge-watch that new series. Recharge YOUR way.

🍀 Share the weight: Delegate, collaborate, and celebrate team wins.

Spotting someone struggling? Be their cheerleader! A word, a gesture, or even a virtual coffee break can be a game-changer.

A nurturing workspace isn’t just about tasks and targets. It’s about feeling safe, understood, and truly seen. And when we intentionally build that, we’re not just clocking hours; we’re nurturing souls.

Interested in creating a safer workplace? Dive into our training sessions on Psychological Safety and Stress-Management. Hit the link below and let’s transform workplaces and create great days, one day at a time. 🤍

Create a great day,

Amanda + Team Mako Mindfulness

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