Coping with Workplace Changes: A Guide to Preserving Psychological Safety

Change is what drives both people and organizations forward.

Without it, things stay stagnant.

But with it also comes a set of challenges for leaders and employees, like pressure, stress, fear, and anxiety.

Change can honestly be… kind of scary.

So it’s crucial for you to take the initiative to manage these feelings for your own well-being, productivity, and mental health.

⬇️ Here are some ways you can manage the stress of change in your workplace ⬇️

Embrace Preparedness and Mindful Acceptance

  • Seek clarity and understand the expectations for upcoming changes.
  • Attend training sessions or engage in conversations that highlight forthcoming improvements.
  • Use mindfulness techniques like deep breathing or grounding exercises to ease any anxious thoughts about these changes, reminding yourself that adaptability is a strength.

Celebrate Your Journey

  • Reflect on past processes, contributions, and successes. Use moments of reflection to appreciate your growth and evolution.
  • Pair this reflection with gratitude. Focus on the good and the successes you’ve been a part of, allowing yourself to feel genuinely grateful for the journey.

Visionary Visualization

  • Connect with the bigger picture and understand the overarching vision. This can guide your personal goals and align them with organizational aims.
  • Practice visualization techniques where you imagine yourself thriving in the future workspace, experiencing and embracing the changes with confidence. Random, but I LOVE quantum leaping meditations for this.. DM me if you’re interested.

Recall and Reassure

  • Remember previous periods of change that you successfully navigated. Use these memories as confidence boosters.
  • Engage in mindfulness mantras like, “I’ve faced change successfully before, and I can do it again.” These affirmations can help ground you during uncertain times.

Step-by-Step Adaptation

  • Embrace changes as they come in manageable steps. Instead of getting overwhelmed, focus on one thing at a time.
  • Incorporate mindfulness practices like mindful walking or short meditation breaks to help process each step calmly and with full presence. This approach helps in absorbing changes without getting overwhelmed.

Incorporating these personalized mindfulness techniques can be a game-changer in managing stress and anxiety amidst workplace changes. Remember, change is a constant, but with the right tools and mindset, it can truly become a pathway to growth.

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