Daily Hurdles & Quick Resets

Picture this: You’re going through your day as usual, working on your daily tasks.

But suddenly, a problem arises out of nowhere, pushing your focus out of balance.

What happens then? Is your rhythm for the whole day off-beat, or do you bounce back despite this hurdle? 🤔

This is the difference that resilience makes in our lives.

A lack of resilience can cause even the most trivial of problems to make it difficult for us to recover.

But with psychological safety, we can begin to improve our adaptability to create better, more peaceful days.

When our work environment pushes us to grow, it often involves facing challenges that can either leave us feeling defeated or empowered.

Helping employees develop resilient mindsets doesn’t just reduce turnover, it turns them into adept problem-solvers.

Here are a few ways  organizations can improve employee adaptability:

  1. Praise the Effort, Not Just the Outcome

Recognize the attempts, the process, and the hard work your team puts into tackling challenges. This helps build a culture where growth is valued over perfection.

  1. Celebrate Mistakes

Create a narrative that it’s okay to fall short sometimes. We’re human after all, and the sooner we learn from our mistakes the better we can make space for improvement.

  1. Equip With Support and Resources

Developing practical skills like emotional intelligence, stress management, and conflict resolution makes a huge difference in how people handle work and stressful events.

Of course, we can and should also take the initiative to improve our resilience in our personal lives. 🖤

So, here are a few strategies:

🌱 Embrace Change as a Constant

Change is inevitable. Embracing it as a natural part of your professional and personal journey can help turn potential stressors into opportunities for growth and learning.

🌟 Foster a Positive Mindset

Positivity has such a powerful impact for the way you perceive and respond to stress. Focus on solutions and what you can control when faced with challenges.

But remember, it’s also okay not to be okay. Be honest with yourself about your needs, and when you’re ready, move forward with a shifted perspective.

🛡️ Build a Support Network

Establishing a strong network of colleagues, mentors, and friends provides a support system to lean on during challenging times.

🏹 Equip Yourself with Coping Skills

Learn and practice stress-management techniques like journaling, breathwork, or movement. We all need tools in place to reset and maintain our calm and composure in the face of stress.

We actually have several breathing and movement exercises in our free resource guide. You can grab it here!

Here’s one of my personal faves ⬇️

With these simple changes, we’re building a culture brimming with creativity and resilience, equipped to meet any problem head-on.

Ready to lead the charge for a more resilient workplace?

Check out our Psychological Safety and Stress Resilience trainings and resources. Click below to learn more!

Create a great day,

Amanda + Team Mako Mindfulness

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