These downloadable breathing animations can be saved right to your phone so you can open it up whenever you have a few minutes to breathe and it will guide you through a breathing exercise to calm you down, get you focused, or shift your mood.


The Deep Breath Deck by Mako Mindfulness.

Mindfulness doesn't mean you have to sit on a mountaintop or take a vow of silence. Contrary to popular belief, it's actually pretty simple. But, as humans we tend to get distracted with all of our thoughts. In order to make small pockets of time effective mindful moments, our minds need something to focus on to create an anchor while we practice intentional breathing.


“I FREAKING love these things! I first saw them on Instagram and I’m so glad I can have them on my phone because they are a game changer when I need to take a deep breath. As a new mom, I find myself needing a moment when the baby is crying, the house is messy, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. The Deep Breath Deck has been super helpful and easy to follow in the middle of my day! Thank you! -Charnay 

Once you purchase:

• You'll have lifetime access to your Deep Breath Deck (yep, their yours forever)
• Click the download button & save to your device
• Take a deep breath & change your whole vibe !