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On-Demand Professional Development Courses that empower educators to take care of themselves and bring evidence-based resilience strategies into the classroom


Mako PD has tools & strategies they need for building resilience to stress while supporting their students to the highest level possible


Let's face it - this is a challenging time to be in education, to say the least.

Lesson planning, personal problems, mandated pivots from in-person to virtual, the media, distracted students…it’s a learning curve for everyone involved.

Teachers are still doing their best to serve students as best as they can. But unsurprisingly, they’re left feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out – which means they don’t have much left to give to themselves at the end of the day, either.

And it’s not their fault – it’s tough to be the engaged, caring, and impactful teacher that you know they are when you’re at the end of your rope.
The good news is they don’t have to keep operating on auto-pilot and pretending that the stress doesn’t exist just to get through a day of teaching.

We want to support your teachers in feeling empowered to create a great day, every day that they step up to teach.

This is where Mako PD comes in.

Whether your teachers are in-person or virtual, our lessons include clear self-care practices, strategies for dealing with teacher-specific challenges, and mindfulness trainings that will benefit both them and their students.


This was my first year teaching and it was a difficult one. I was stressed to the point where I barely remember the beginning of the year. These trainings really helped me and I try to practice mindfulness while educating every day. I truly believe in the practice that you and your company are spreading! I have even spread some of this to my spouse and our home.

Your teachers show up every day as an educator with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of their students. To continue to do the job they love and do it well, they need:

✓ Evidence-based strategies that are effective for in-person & virtual learning
Clear protocols, expectations, and norms around bringing resilience practices into the classroom
Bite-sized modules you can study on your schedule and revisit throughout the year
Flexible professional development models that suits your needs & schedule

We’ve got you covered with online training that connects your educators to the training and professional development they need to create a stable, supportive, and fun classroom environment that both them and their students need! 


MAKO PD: On Demand Social Resilience Professional Development for Educators

Online courses for educators of all grade levels to learn evidence-based resilience strategies for their own self-care, to share with their students, and earn professional development hours along the way!

How educators feel matters.

If a teacher is stressed, their students are likely feeling that too.

In Educator Self Care, you’ll learn how to build awareness of and acknowledge personal stressors and learn actionable coping strategies to quickly turn your day around no matter what changes and unknowns you’re navigating.

We’ll cover:

  • How to build awareness of and acknowledge personal stressors
  • Understanding your stress and learn actionable strategies for coping
  • Developing a game plan for building resilience to stress
  • Strategies for coping with change and uncertainty
  • The impacts of stress and ways to assess your symptoms
  • How to cope with stress using the 5a’s (Acceptance, Avoidance, Alter, Adapt, Action)
  • How to recognize the need for and enforce boundaries
  • Strategies for coping with challenging students and parents

Resiliency is the art of bouncing back and it’s an IMPERATIVE skill to have in the classroom. 

When leading a classroom of 20+ students, managing energetic ups and downs throughout the day is part of the job and there are proven ways to help make doing so easier. 

In this training you’ll learn best practices for sharing mindfulness-based resilience practices in the classroom that you won’t find on Pinterest. 

We’ll cover:

  • The importance of teaching resilience practices to students (development and benefits) 
  • How to gage opportunities for improvement with resilience practices 
  • Language, accessibility, environment, and strategies for ensuring practices are facilitated in a safe and productive manner 
  • Considerations for facilitating resilience practices in a virtual environment 
  • Strategies for personally coping with challenging students 
  • Exercises and scripts for resilience practices

Mindfulness is more than a buzzword. It’s a strategy you can use to keep your students present, engaged, and managing their stress. 

The Mako Method Classroom Edition is an evidence based practice that has been tailored to fit the needs of the classroom. In this training you’ll learn the Mako Method framework and how to simply implement it into your lessons. 

We’ll cover: 

  • Mako Method framework for managing stress and understanding the science behind it
  • Ways to embed the framework into your lesson 
  • How animated breathing exercises can be used to help your students ground
  • Mindful movement and breathing techniques for managing stress 
  • The science behind mindful movement, gratitude, affirmations, perspective, and journaling and exercises to take into the classroom 
  • How to create a lesson plan for using these practices as an intervention with your students

Mindfulness doesn’t mean you have to sit on a mountaintop or take a vow of silence. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually pretty simple. But, as humans we tend to get distracted with all of our thoughts. In order to make small pockets of time effective mindful moments, our minds need something to focus on to create an anchor while we practice intentional breathing.

The Deep Breath Deck includes downloadable breathing animations that can be saved right to your phone. Open and use them whenever you have a few minutes to breathe and it will guide you through a breathing exercise to calm you down, get you focused, or shift your mood.

Mindfulness is about more than staying calm, it’s about being able to be present with and shift your state. 

Through breathing and stretching you can intentionally create different emotional states and in this training we’ll show you how. 

We’ll cover: 

  • How to use different breathing and stretching practices to reach various emotional states like focused, energized, or relaxed
  • The importance of breathing and stretching and how to bring it into the classroom 
  • Quick, accessible, exercises for managing stress
  • How to create strategic sequence centered around breathing and movement to reach different emotional states
  • Best practices for facilitating these practices in a remote environment 

Are you ready to help your educators reinvigorate themselves and their classrooms with self-care & resilience-building strategies that work?


"Listening to Amanda’s videos is like hearing from a wise friend who understands the stress and anxiety common for care providers. Whether you are a leader, teacher, manager, first responder or family care provider, Amanda reminds us why we must protect our greatest gift – our ability to care. She goes further to provide practical strategies that we can use every day. Make sure to absorb what Amanda shares. Those you manage, support, lead or take care of depend on you to do this."
- Mary Ann
Educator & Workplace Wellness Expert
"Amanda's Mindfulness training has been extremely valuable for the trauma- informed work that we do with our East Austin College Prep students. Amanda's training is informative, concise, interactive, and engaging. Amanda is knowledgeable, professional, and an expert in this field. Her consultation has helped us in rolling out mindfulness in a strategic and effective way. We can't wait to have her teach the rest of our teachers and see the impact it will bring to their lives and our student's lives."
- East Austin College Prep

Bet you never thought you’d hear someone else say they care about your stress levels & psychological safety at work!

Hi, I’m Amanda! And I care about your well-being as an educator because I was once in your shoes, and I know how much you give of yourself to your students – especially after the last year that we’ve had full of change, fear, and uncertainty.

That’s why I wanted to create these courses on resilience and stress management strategies and make them accessible to educators all over the world. 

With a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, a BA in Management and Leadership, and certification in Mindfulness and Compassion Fatigue, I have worked with schools and organizations around the world to implement the strategies and tools I’ve pulled together into the Mako PD courses. 

In addition, I am currently pursuing my PhD in Business Psychology and studying Psychological Safety, as it is my priority to deepen my knowledge around creating healthier work environments and pass on what I learn through practical applications for our schools. 

And now, I want to teach them to YOU so that you can get back to showing up with the best version of yourself in the classroom!

My goal is to help you help your students, but above all, I want you to feel confident and capable of taking care of yourself so that you can stay in this career that you love.

Let’s #CreateAGreatDay together, shall we?

“My experience learning Mindfulness from Amanda was absolutely seamless, and provided a complete mindset shift on how I personally view and process trauma. Her expert approach, passion, and knowledge base around mindfulness practice is evident, and applicable to a wide spectrum of individuals and learning environments. Amanda possesses an innate ability to connect the information with tactical ways in which it can be applied to our daily lives.”


Say goodbye to information overload in hours of pre-recorded Zoom sessions. Taught by an educator and built for teachers of all grade levels, our courses include:


you're in good company

Who is Mako PD created for?

Mako PD is for you if…

TEACHERS, of any grade level, who want to continue education.

Individuals who aren’t sure why or how to implement certain self-care, resilience-building, or coping strategies into their lives and/or their classroom.

Teachers that are tired of searching through Pinterest or Google for exercises or lessons to use for themselves or their students that just aren’t “clicking” for stress management and creating a fun & safe environment for everyone.

Individuals that are admittedly a little uncomfortable with the idea, but are open to learning and trying new things for the sake of themselves and their students.

And our courses might not be a good fit for you if…

You are not open-minded or patient. Implementation and results take time and will vary based on each individual’s experience.

“My mindfulness practice and knowledge has been crystallized through Amanda’s thorough and easy to understand teaching of Mindfulness. She is able to take the content and share it with audiences that are diverse in age, race, cultures and professional backgrounds. Amanda has the intuitive ability to implement various teaching strategies to ensure that each participant finds an organic and unique way to connect not only with the training content, but with other participants within the training community. I will never forget my learning and experience from this Mindfulness training. My gratitude overflows for Amanda’s gift to reshape my mindfulness practice and adequately equip me to serve on a path of helping others with a real tool of hope!"
Education Diagnostician

Frequently Asked Questions About Mako PD

The courses in Mako PD are created specifically with educators in mind, meaning the lessons and material address the unique stressors and issues you come up against in your day-to-day and how to address them. These will also give you tools and exercises that you can use inside the classroom with your students to continue fostering a safe, fun, and empowering environment for everyone!

Yes! Please contact us for information at You can also select any of the inquire buttons on the page to schedule a consultation If you are purchasing for a school or district, we do have bundled and group discounts available. 

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how your educators can access the course material. They will get all of the courses up front so they can work through them at their own pace! 

After completing the course (all lessons, including any discussion posts and assignments), we will issue a certificate of completion. However, since every state and district has different requirements for PD credit, this certificate does NOT guarantee teachers will be granted credit by your district or state.

1 year! After set up, your teachers can go back and reference or rewatch the lessons as much as they’d like to. 

No, this is a self-paced course and they can go through the lessons as quickly as they’d like! They can also go back to rewatch lessons as needed. That being said, we think they will get the most out of this course if they commit to completing the lessons for each chapter in one sitting.

The courses range from 1.5 to 2 hours long, making them easy to complete over the course of a few days or weeks. Some of the courses include exercises for participants to use with students, so those may take longer to complete.

We stay on top of research around mindfulness practices and regularly update our courses to incorporate these strategies into our work. We also take participant feedback seriously and use these comments to improve our PD.

If they have questions about the course material, they can email at anytime. 

Remember, stress management is necessary because it’s not going anywhere. Stress is inevitable, but you CAN be better prepared for it.

Plus, taking care of yourself is so much bigger than you.

How you show up impacts how you receive others, how others receive and perceive you, and ultimately helps set the tone for your classroom climate.

What kind of tone do you want for your students?

What kind of day do you want to create for them and for yourself?

Trust the process with Mako PD. Your teachers will learn to change the way they work through and respond to stressful situations, and get back to teaching in an impactful, engaging, and dynamic environment that everyone thrives in.