Drop Your Shoulders & Read This!

Stress can be sneaky…

It has a way of creeping into our minds and bodies without us even realizing it.

And as we go through days, weeks, and months, they can stay there and pile up.

IF we don’t do something to release it.

You see, while our minds race from one task to the next, our bodies are keeping score.

They don’t forget.


That headache, the tension in your neck, the way you feel worn out by 3 PM?

They’re not just coincidences.

It’s your body waving a red flag, signaling there’s something off and it’s time for a pause from your everyday tensions.

Imagine stress as a silent hoarder, tucking away all your worries and pressures into the corners of your body. It’s like we’re storing away bits and pieces of our day, hoping we’ll deal with them later.

And if you’re thinking, “Well, I’ll relax when I find the time,” here’s a gentle reminder – your body needs you to hit the pause button, and not just when you’re on vacation.

But the good news is, there is a way to release this piling-up stress and continuously work on our responsibilities.

Movement and breathing are both amazing tools. They’re like the dynamic duo ready to help you declutter the mess that stress leaves behind.

Think of movement as your body’s natural way to release a sigh of relief. It doesn’t have to be intense; a simple stretch, a quick walk, or even just dancing to your favorite tune can invite calm back into your day.

And deep, intentional breaths are like hitting the reset button, telling your brain, “It’s time to wind down.”

Here’s a practice you can try if you’re experiencing tension in your neck, hips, or shoulders ⬇️


You can find more practices just like this in our free resource guide at www.themakomethod.com by the way…

So, let’s make a pact.

Let’s move a little every day, let’s breathe a little deeper, and let’s see if we can feel some of that stress melt away, bit by bit.

And by the way, It doesn’t have to be about doing time-consuming and challenging exercises; it’s about having quick, simple, and small moments for yourself to remind your body it’s okay to relax.

We also have a video that talks more about identifying your stressors so you can take better care of managing your stress. Watch it now!

We all deserve safer, more resilient workplaces.

Looking to build a healthier, more well-rounded workplace? Check out our Psychological Safety and Stress-Management trainings! Use the link below to inquire about resources for your team!

See you next week.

Create a great day,

Amanda + Team Mako Mindfulness

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