So I’ve been in and out of town for the past few weeks which has kept me away from my favorite coffee shop by my house.

Well, I had some free time the other day, and I went over there to get a little bit of work done and when I went to order my London fog and steak and eggs I found out something really disturbing.


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Well everybody I knew except for one person, but they just put in their two weeks.

The two other folks I didn’t know are quitting as well with the last one quoted, “Well, I didn’t want to be the last one left.”

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Not because everybody quit, but because this could have been avoided IF the owner was more willing to hear his employees out, make some pretty simple adjustments, and be more in tune with what was going on in his business.

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This is not an assumption. I talked to these employees ALL THE TIME and witnessed a lot I never commented on. I’m prettygood at minding my business 🤣.

But they shared SO much with me over time!

What breaks my heart most is the last time I was there, one of the employees shared some  things that would have made a big difference in their opinion for them and their team. Here’s the two that stood out most for me:

1. Open to Feedback

They shared that the owner was very closed-off to feedback and ideas from the team that could have made the atmosphere more inviting and created more synergy between team members. A couple of them shared their ideas with me and I personally loved them as a customer.. We are deeply deprived in the Plano/Frisco, Texas area of the vibey & aesthetically pleasing things the coffee shops in Dallas or other major cities have.

So here we are telling the woman at the coffee shop instead of leadership because they won’t listen anyway. TRAGIC.

2. Stress Management

Another gripe was the lack of support for coping with the stress of demanding customers, mistakes from makeshift training, and the workload that gets dumped on those remaining (at the time) for the already short staff. TRAGIC!

I mean, typically folks say something about their compensation but they actually never mentioned it. It was literally the toxic environment that drove them out.


Now listen, this is a shameless plug but I mean.. YA’LL DO KNOW that’s what our training and resources focus on, right? Actionable tools for managing stress and strategies for increasing self-awareness in efforts to improve Psychological Safety.

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And I was sooo willing to help where I could. They wanted me to *conveniently* be in the building when the owner showed up to just meet the guy and let him know about our resources – but in my many, many months of visiting. I never saw him. They said they never experienced any type of professional development and had no confidence that he would do that or anything else for them.

So, yeah, in 3 weeks, the entire staff has quit.

There’s a lot to be explored here but at some point.. I mean c’mon

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You have to look in the mirror and ask yourself what kind of atmosphere am I creating where I’ve literally, voluntarily, lost my entire workforce in THIS economy??

Now the shop has to cut hours for employee’s AND customers (they’re closing earlier), their customers favorite barista’s are nowhere to be found and he has to HOPE his remaining 3 folks on the way out will train those coming in.


Ugh. So here’s a simple but effective check-in exercise to help minimize your chances of ending up like this anonymous coffee shop…

Reflect honestly on the following two questions

  1. What kind of environment have I created with my team?
  2. What kind of environment do I want to create with my team?

And if you don’t know the answer to this, it may be an invitation to have a vulnerable conversation with your team.

Be honest with yourself and then take some time to explore the gap here. The gap between where you are and where you want to be is where you need to put some focus and intention.

Take this one step further by exploring three things you can do to help close that gap over the next 3 months.

And don’t skip this just because you’re not in leadership. Little things that we do each day influence not only our personal experience at work but the impact we have on those we work with.

Over here we believe that every single person in the workplace plays a role in their own stress management and sense of psychological safety.

So, long story short. I’m in need of a new coffee shop. Now taking any recommendations in North Dallas but also across DFW. :/

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