Implicit Bias: Our Silent Influencer

Have you ever caught yourself making a snap judgment about someone you barely knew?

The thing is, we all do it.

We all have biases, many of which we may not realize.

Deep within the subconscious of our minds lies a silent influencer to our judgments…


So, what is it? 🤔

Implicit bias, put simply, is the quick assumptions we make about people and situations based on our own experiences, upbringing, and environment.

These biases can shape our views on race, age, gender, and more, often without us even realizing it.

And often, it has a drastic effect on how we navigate our workplaces.

These biases don’t just stay tucked away – they can subtly creep into our decisions, interactions, and even our leadership styles.

Imagine not voicing a brilliant idea in a meeting because you’re unsure if others will value your perspective.

Or choosing one candidate over another for a reason you can’t quite put your finger on.

Building Psychological Safety Amidst the Bias

So, how do we combat these lurking biases? It begins with creating an environment of psychological safety:

1. Awareness is Key 🧐

First things first, we have to realize that we all have our biases. It’s normal, but we can work on it. Activities that make us think about our actions and feelings, or even talking with a professional, can really help us see these biases clearly.

2. Let’s Talk About It 🗣️

Create a space where everyone feels safe to talk about biases. You don’t have to judge; just listen and share. Simply being curious and having a conversation can make a big difference in widening our perspectives.

3. Embrace Everyone 🤗

Let’s make sure we have all sorts of different people and ideas in our group. This does two great things: it challenges our biases and it makes our community richer and more interesting.

4. Feedback Makes Us Better 👂

We should always be ready to listen to feedback. It’s a gift! When people tell us what we’re doing well and where we can do better, it helps us see things we might have missed.

5. Changing Our Perspective 💭

Before you quickly make up your mind or decide on something next time, take a moment. Stop and think it over.

Ask yourself: Are these really my thoughts, or is this just my bias talking?

Life’s full of biases, and it’s okay not to get it right every single time. What’s important is that we’re learning and getting better step by step.

It’s all about becoming more aware of ourselves, being open to change, and trying to understand better. That’s the journey we’re on.

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See you next week.

Create a great day,

Amanda + Team Mako Mindfulness

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