“My experience learning about stress and mindfulness from Amanda was absolutely seamless, and provided a complete mindset shift on how I personally view and process trauma. Her expert approach, passion, and knowledge base around mindfulness practice is evident, and applicable to a wide spectrum of individuals and learning environments. Amanda possesses an innate ability to connect the information with tactical ways in which it can be applied to our daily lives. Gaining this knowledge, coupled with the amazing energy and obvious gift that is Amanda Muhammad, has been an eye opening experience in so many ways. I am immensely grateful for her talents, and sheer mastery of the art form of mindfulness. Her ability to connect with humans and reroute perspectives regarding distress is apparent, and so necessary in this world today.”

“My mindfulness practice and knowledge has been crystallized through Amanda’s thorough and easy to understand teaching of Mindfulness. She is able to take the content and share it with audiences that are diverse in age, race, cultures and professional backgrounds. Amanda has the intuitive ability to implement various teaching strategies to ensure that each participant finds an organic and unique way to connect not only with the training content, but with other participants within the training community. My gratitude overflows for Amanda’s gift to reshape my mindfulness practice and adequately equip me to serve on a path of helping others with a real tool of hope!”

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