Express Yourself I Gain Clarity I Jot Things Down


This article includes FREE printables and resources for Educators. If you aren’t having students journal in your classroom, now’s the […]

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Discovering The Mako Method™ (Our Framework for Managing Stress)

New Year – Same Me.    The New Year isn’t about reinventing myself. But it is a great time to […]

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Establishing & Enforcing Boundaries for Helping Professionals

As a caregiver or helping professional, you give a lot of yourself to the people you serve.    You give […]

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Benefits of Journaling

When we write and express our feelings we can reduce amygdala activity, which is the brain’s emotional center and engage our thinking brain. This is why our feelings of sadness, anger, and pain are less intense after we get it out on paper. Learn more about how journaling can help you manage your stress here.

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Your Best Self Journaling Exercise

Journaling has many benefits. One of which is that journaling can help improve your sense of self awareness, which can have a positive impact on social relationships. Check out these four journal prompts for being the best version of yourself.

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Journal Prompts for Managing Thoughts & Feelings

Your thoughts and feelings are always changing. It’s important to know this because when you’re feeling angry or sad, you know that you won’t always feel that way. Reflect on these journal prompts to help manage your ever-changing changing thoughts and feelings.

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