Journal Prompts for Managing Thoughts & Feelings

Your thoughts and feelings are always changing. It’s important to know this because when you’re feeling angry or sad, you know that you won’t always feel that way. It will eventually change. And when you’re really happy, you won’t try to make it last forever, because that’s impossible. Everything changes.  Have you ever felt really down or sad and felt like things would always be that way? No matter how strong those feelings are, something shifts and you realize with time that those feelings have changed. That’s the nature of our emotions; they give us information but they are not who we are. 


  • Think of the last time you were excited (alternatively: worried or sad). How long did that last?
  • Reflect on a difficult moment from your past. Now that it’s in the past, was there some benefit to this experience? What did you learn from it?
  • Write down the things that are causing stress, fear, and anxiety right now. Once you are done, turn the page, and write down the things that are bringing you joy.