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“Stress isn’t going anywhere. It’s inevitable. We can’t get rid of that for you. But, what we can do is teach you a few strategies you
can use throughout the day to be better prepared when it shows up.”

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Amanda Muhammad is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Management & Psychological Safety Consultant in Dallas, TX.


She is currently pursuing her PhD in Business Psychology, holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Leadership. Amanda is a certified Mindfulness Trainer, Compassion Fatigue Trainer and yoga instructor. Amanda spends her days teaching accessible ways to take a preventative approach to stress management. Further, she teaches professionals how to introduce these techniques to their students and clients as a foundation for social- emotional learning, restorative practices, and building resilience.

Amanda facilitates a variety of trainings, hosts mindfulness trainings, and serves as a resilience coach. She’s had the opportunity to share her practice with a number of individuals, organizations, schools, and companies across the country. In addition to her physical work, she operates Mako Mindfulness, a web-based educational platform created to teach you how to build resilience to stress and learn tips for incorporating self-care throughout your day.

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meet the mako mindfulness team


THE instructional designer

Sarah is our lead instructional designer and the secret sauce behind our captivating content, copy, courses, and an incredible 2D animator. She's also a former educator! Sarah is innovative and always has a warm presence. 


THE executive assistant

Miljoana is our executive assistant and manages our creative team. She takes care of our visual resources and makes sure our clients are all set to have a seamless and engaging experience. Miljoana loves making memories with her family, watching movies, reading books, and spending time with God. Miljoana is one of the most dedicated and supportive people you will ever meet. 


THE lead Animator 

Anonymous is the lead 2D animator on our team. He makes our stories come to life by creating animations that are eye-catching, engaging, and impactful. He happily trains others on our team to do the same. Anonymous is a brilliant creative, loves to travel, and always has a warm and optimistic attitude. 


THE project manager  

Karley is our project manager and makes sure that we stay on top of our efforts to best serve you as our client. If it deals with timelines, resources, and making sure you're having a seamless experience, Karley is on the other side of it. Karley is detailed, passionate, and creates a sense of ease for our team through strategy, structure, and systems. 


the external consultant (FARROW COACHING) 

Lacey is our external consultant from Farrow Coaching. She supports us with developing our Psychological Safety content, analyzing survey data, and determining recommendations for our clients. Lacey is pursuing her PhD in Business Psychology, leads her own coaching practice, and loves to serve leaders across the country. Lacey holds a wealth of knowledge and is always a breath of fresh air. 


THE literacy consultant (Literacy architechts, llc) 

Seema is a literacy consultant that we partner with to serve our clients. Seema always has an optimistic and inviting spirit and is truly passionate about supporting schools and their students.