Navigating Workplace Challenges: Stressful Colleagues

Have you ever been caught off guard by a colleague’s stormy mood?

It’s an open secret: Sometimes the most challenging part of work isn’t the work itself. It’s navigating the many personalities we share our workspace with.

The thing is, beneath the surface of stressful interactions, there often lies a world of personal battles.

Recognizing this alone can be helpful for both you and your colleagues.

Understanding Over Assumption 🤝

Notice a change in a colleague’s mood?

It can be helpful to simply ask, “Hey, everything okay? You seem a bit off recently.”

Small gestures of care can encourage open dialogue or even help them realize to check in with themselves to manage their actions better.

But remember, it’s okay if they don’t respond at first. Everyone works at their own pace.

Now, there are colleagues that may have always been difficult to work with. 😵💫

So here are ways you can navigate the different workplace personalities:

  • High-strung? Wait for them to calm down from a stressful moment before conversing.
  • For the ever-paranoid, loop them in. Keep things clear and transparent.
  • The risk-averse type might just need to see the other side of change.
  • With the brick wall? Give them that space, and using written communication may be better.
  • Encountered the hot and cold? Keep your expectations clear and realistic.
  • For the arrogant, a dose of genuine appreciation can melt barriers.
  • With dramatic colleagues? Give them their stage, and stay tuned in lol.
  • Guiding the impractical can mean gently steering them back to reality.
  • And if you’re feeling micromanaged? Reassure and show you’ve got everything in check.

A Touch of Positivity ☀️

Sometimes, a small gesture can be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Invite them for a coffee break or just share a laugh. It might just be the warmth someone else needs.

If The Clouds Don’t Clear 🌥️

If the atmosphere remains tense, remember to prioritize your well-being. Seek guidance, open up to peers, and know to take care of yourself first.

We can’t control what other people think, say, or do, but we do have a say in how we respond.

Moral of the story? Everyone’s weathering through their own seasons. How we navigate it with our responses makes all the difference.

Our training consists of employee-centered Psychological Safety conversations and team-building exercises which will help employees learn tools for managing stress, explore the consequences of what they say and do, consider the assumptions they make about those they work with, and redefine what it means to contribute to a psychologically safe work environment.

Use the link below to inquire about training for your group!

Create a great day,

Amanda + Team Mako Mindfulness

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