Quick Tips for Time Management!

If there’s one thing we all dread, it’s deadlines. 😵💫

Maybe you find yourself staring at the calendar, feeling your heart race as the due dates loom closer.

My friend, we’ve all been there.

Deadlines are a part of life, especially in the workplace. But who said they have to be a source of dread? Let’s flip the script together.


Here’s a guide on managing deadlines without breaking a sweat:


📅 Plan Like a Pro

Start by breaking down your tasks.

Ask yourself:

  • Which tasks require immediate attention?
  • Which tasks can be scheduled for later?

Prioritize your tasks from highest to lowest priority. This approach helps you have an overview of your workload and identify which tasks are time-sensitive, and which can be done later.


⏲️ Time Blocks and Breaks

I like to dedicate specific blocks of time in my calendar for focused work. Make sure to add in short breaks to allow yourself a moment to pause and rest.

I also try to keep myself accountable by communicating my schedule with colleagues or friends. Try it for yourself!


🤝 Delegation: Ask For Help

If you have a team, try to get their support. Delegate a few tasks that play to their strengths and expertise.

Quick note: Try to be mindful of how much help you’re asking for. After all, we all have our own workload and responsibilities. As much as possible, delegate if and when they have the capacity. 🖤

For solo workers, identify tasks that can be automated or simplified to streamline your workflow.


💆♀️ Calm the Mind, Conquer the Deadline

Now, if you feel stress kicking in, it’s time to use your favorite tools, whether it’s breathwork, stretches, or simply a walk by nature.

Here’s a quick breathing & movement exercise you can try:



When you take a step back and prioritize your well-being for a moment, you get to think even clearer.

Remember, deadlines are meant to help guide and motivate us to a goal, not to send us into a frenzy.

With a little planning, prioritizing, and the right mindset, you’ve got this in the bag!

Want more tips for managing stress more effectively? Learn one of our favorite approaches to shifting perspective in our video here!

Wishing you a calm and productive week ahead.


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Create a great day,

Amanda + Team Mako Mindfulness

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