In today’s stress-filled world, we may often encounter pressures that can throw us off “balance”. The overflow of responsibilities and tight timelines is a reality for many o

There’s one element that sets great workplaces apart from the rest. And that’s psychological safety. When it’s alive and well in an organization, you may see a huge differenc

You’ve felt it before – that rush of adrenaline when stress hits, or the stomach knots when anxiety looms. These aren’t just sudden feelings, they’re part of im

The holiday season is coming, and you know what that means! Time with family and friends, moments to unwind by yourself, delicious food, and so much more. But amidst these joys, a

When was the last time you took care of yourself? For most people I work with, supporting others can usually be at the top of their list, but self-care should be JUST as important

Have you ever listened to someone tell you a stressful story and you end up having a physical reaction to THEIR story? Your heart rate speeds up, your hands get sweaty, and you can

This article includes FREE printables and resources for Educators. If you aren’t having students journal in your classroom, now’s the time to consider starting! Making time for

Burnout is the emotional and physical exhaustion you may experience when you’re starting to feel powerless, overwhelmed, and have low satisfaction with the work you’re doing. 

Do you ever feel like by the end of the day you’ve collected a bunch of stories you just HAVE to share?    When your work involves helping others, there’s a high probability

Once you know your stressors, there’s a powerful tool you can use to help you cope with that stress. This tool can have a HUGE impact on your life.    But – this tool can

  We know how to read a lot of warning signs…    So why do we often ignore the most important warning signs around us: Our body’s warning signs of stress!    One of th

Do you feel like managing your work schedule and personal life is a constant juggling act and you’re one false move away from dropping it all?    We often talk about trying to

You can’t pour from an empty cup. So I want to know, how much is in your cup right now?  We talk a lot about serving others – but what I’m NOT hearing enough of is t

 Surges in COVID cases, holiday plans still up in the air, constant changes at work, is anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed by All. This. Uncertainty?!  It’s bee

I stress the importance of self-care a lot. It’s absolutely crucial for managing your stress.     But here’s an important reminder:    Self-care is about what work

Ever feel like you’re just trying to stay afloat?    Like you constantly find yourself uttering words that start with the letters… WTF…   I want to introduce you to a

Have you ever listened to someone tell you a stressful story and you end up having a PHYSICAL reaction to their story? Your heart rate speeds up, your hands get sweaty, and you can

It’s that time of the year! People are discussing goals, dreams, and resolutions for the new year. But how often do you set a resolution on January 1st, and it’s out the window

We’ve all had goals we wanted to accomplish that didn’t come true. When you have something you REALLY want and you don’t see it – I know how easy it is to get discourag

Because I’m a stress management consultant, people tend to assume I’ve always had a handle on coping with my own stress.    But if I’m being honest, I haven’t always resp

The thing is, as human beings, we can quite literally pick up on and absorb one another’s emotions, just like we can take in secondhand smoke.

To be mindful means to be fully aware of the present moment without judgement of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Mindfulness is linked to reducing feelings of anxiety, stre

Neuroplasticity highlights the idea that our brains are constantly being reshaped throughout our lives through our experiences and our thoughts. This means by cultivating a self ca