Surviving Storms

This weeks #MindfulMoment is about finding the strength to survive the storms life throws at you.

Whether it be a hurricane or a traumatic breakup, we are all forced to deal with storms in our lives. So what do we do?.. because sometimes we’re literally forced to experience pain. There is so much that lies outside of our control in life.

People get sick, we lose jobs, go through divorces, have car accidents, people pass away, go bankrupt, lose businesses – you name it. ShiFt happens.

So what are you supposed to do in a moment like that? Do you just give up? Do you quit? Do you fight?

I got this idea from one of my favorite Authors, Jon Gordon. Jon Gordon tells a story of a boy named Joshua who is in his room with his mother listening to her tell him that his parents are considering getting a divorce. As she was breaking this news to them, more breaking news occurred – there was literally a storm coming.

Joshua was taking the news really hard but instead of lashing out he literally said, “I’m going to be strong, trust that things will all work out, and stay positive about this.” 

This boy, whose pain was unbearable, was choosing to stay positive as his world was being torn apart. While his levies of strength were breaking and the pain was flooding in, he was mustering up the courage and faith to reinforce his walls and stay strong in the face of adversity. He didn’t act in denial. He accepted the situation. And he knew he had to deal with it; with courage, positivity, hope, and faith.

Jon Gordon goes on to remind us that we will all come face to face with different storms in our lives. It’s up to us to accept that some situations are outside of our control and to be mindful about the way that we react to them. It is in these times that we have to know we can’t do it all alone… we’re not supposed to do it all alone.

In your powerlessness, discover your true power.

In your fear, find your faith.

In your need to be in control, find the ability to surrender.

I don’t know why we face these storms in life, but the fact that you’re reading this means you’ve survived 100% of yours or you’re still strong enough to fight through your current one. Take note of this kids strength and take pride in yours. Life is a journey, lean into it, and learn from it.

#MindfulMoment What’s an adversity you’re proud to say you’ve overcome or are fighting to overcome?