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• You’re holding space for trauma on a daily basis. Whether you’re in traumatic situations or working alongside individuals that are experiencing suffering and trauma, you’re in it.

• Compassion is part of your job requirements. However, if you’re being honest, some days it feels hard to continue to see every situation as its own.

• You know taking care of yourself is important (you tell people this everyday) but actually identifying what you need on a daily basis is challenging.

• You’re always in go mode and not sure how to stay on target with your goals AND show up for yourself.

If so, you're in the right place...

Inside of The Cost of Care Course, you will learn:

• How to identify warning signs/symptoms of stress related conditions & strategies for coping.

• The impacts of Secondary Stress and how to establish and enforce boundaries with others so you're not taking on other people's negative energy and stress.

• The Mako Method™ framework & how it impacts your brains response to stress.

• How low-impact debriefing for processing and sharing challenging information can help you move forward each day without carrying the weight of yesterday with you.



    Amanda Muhammad is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Consultant currently pursuing her PhD in Business Psychology. She holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, a BA in Management and Leadership, and is Certified in Mindfulness and Compassion Fatigue Education. Amanda is a sought-after trainer on the topic of resilience and stress management, and works with schools and organizations around the globe. She is a former educator and the founder of Mako Mindfulness, a web-based educational platform that teaches strategies for building resilience to stress and incorporating self-care practices throughout the day.


      Listening to Amanda's videos is like hearing from a wise friend who understands the stress and anxiety common for care providers. Whether you are a leader, teacher, manager, first responder or family care provider, Amanda reminds us why we must protect our greatest gift – our ability to care. She goes further to provide practical strategies that we can use every day. Make sure to absorb what Amanda shares. Those you manage, support, lead or take care of depend on you to do this. – Mary Ann 

      This was my first year teaching and it was a difficult one. I was stressed to the point where I barely remember the beginning of the year. These trainings really helped me and I try and practice mindfulness while educating every day. I truly believe in the practice that you and your company are spreading! I have even spread some of this to my spouse and our home. – Katie