The GIFT of Psychological Safety

If you need more help in understanding the value psychological safety can bring to your organization, let me paint you a picture…

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When psychological safety thrives in an organization or school we see things like ⬇️

🤝 Employees are more likely to engage 🤝

Because when people feel psychologically safe at work, it can be way easier for them to pitch in with ideas, feedback, and innovations to the team because they’re not afraid of being shamed or embarrassed.

🪴 Employee well-being may increase 🪴

When an organization cares for their people as a whole, employees feel supported personally and professionally, allowing them space to be more motivated, productive, and actually look forward to work.

🥇 Team performance can improve 🥇

Teams that feel safe to speak up, can manage stress effectively, and feel like their full selves at work are much more likely to perform better. Since they don’t have to deal with the constant stressors I usually see in teams, they thrive with the resources provided for them.

📈 Instant boost of productivity 📈

Employees feeling like they belong in the workplace, they’re appreciated for the work they do, and they’re all in this to support each other are highly likely to experience an increase productivity in all areas of work.

🔃 Turnover rates decrease 🔃

A study by The Predictive Index showed that 63% of people who experienced poor management in their workplace were planning to leave by the end of the year. But when psychological safety existed in an organization, people were reported way less likely to leave.

Organizations are losing capital and good people over lack of resources and planning, but with psychological safety, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Now, that’s the end of the list, and these 5 reasons are just the beginning of what psychological safety can do for you and your team!

We’re in a time where more and more people are realizing the importance of a healthy work-life experience and are looking for organizations that foster that kind of culture.

And I am here for it!

People want to feel psychologically safe. They deserve an organization where they can feel respected, supported, and celebrated.

And there’s no better time than now for organizations and leaders to take action.

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In my past trainings, I’ve seen just how psychological safety & stress management can change organizations’ culture and work performance.

And you can possibly see those same changes in your organization, once you take a step forward into building a culture that nurtures employees as a whole.

Ready to learn how these changes can come to life for your organization? Inquire today! Schedule your consultation and get priority access by getting on our calendar.