The High-Cost of Lacking Psych Safety

What do you think makes a workplace great? 🤔

It’s definitely more than the benefits, the pay, or the coffee machine that makes the best cup of coffee. ☕

It’s the feeling of safety and security.

It’s knowing that you have all that you need to learn, contribute, and perform at your best.

But what happens when you lack even just one of those?

It may get difficult to keep up with demands, show up as your best self, and may even cause burnout. 😵

Today, we’re diving deep into understanding the cost of neglecting psychological safety.

🚧  Signs Your Organization May Be Lacking Psychological Safety:

🤐 Quiet Corners: Team meetings are too silent, not because everyone agrees, but because they’re too scared to speak up.

🤒 The Sick Day Spike: There’s an increase in sick days. Sometimes it’s not about the cold going around but the draining and stressful atmosphere of the workplace.

👥 A Revolving Door of Faces: High turnover? People don’t just leave jobs; they leave toxic environments.

😓 Eggshell Walking: There’s a constant feeling of being on edge, careful about every word and action.

👎 Last-Minute Issues: Problems seem to come out of nowhere, but have been brewing under the surface because no one felt safe to address them earlier.

Now, here are some more costs of neglecting Psychological Safety:

When it’s absent:

  • Innovation Dies: In an environment where people fear judgment, they’re less likely to think outside the box or propose new solutions.
  • Morale Drops: Employees don’t give their best when they feel they aren’t valued or heard.
  • Productivity Stalls: Constant stress and fear are draining. When your team’s energy is spent walking on eggshells, there’s little left for the tasks at hand.
  • Reputation Suffers: Word gets around. A culture lacking in psychological safety can lead to negative employer branding.

& When it’s present:

  • Creativity Booms: A safe environment fosters diverse thoughts and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Commitment Rises: Employees are more loyal and dedicated when they feel safe and valued.
  • Collaboration Peaks: Open communication makes for smooth teamwork and higher-quality results.
  • Attracts Top Talent: A positive, safe workplace culture is a magnet for the best in the field.

While the costs of neglecting psychological safety are high, the benefits of building it are even greater!

It isn’t just about preventing negative outcomes, it’s about opening up more possibilities and benefits for everyone involved.

If you want to promote psychological safety, start by listening, understanding, and growing together.

Looking for a stronger, more supportive team environment? Our training blends Psychological Safety discussions and team exercises, equipping employees to handle stress, communicate effectively, and foster a culture of understanding. Curious? Use the link below to explore training options for your group!

Create a great day,

Amanda + Team Mako Mindfulness

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