The Power of Perspective

Once you know your stressors, there’s a powerful tool you can use to help you cope with that stress. This tool can have a HUGE impact on your life. 


But – this tool can be hard to access. 


What is this game-changing tool? 


🛠  Your. Perspective.🛠


Perspective building is huge for shifting the way you perceive stressful situations, AND it helps the way you respond to stressful situations


To start thinking about shifting your perspective take the time to:  


  1. Identify your stressors. 
  2. Take note of which ones are within your ability to control. 
  3. Analyze how you respond! THIS is where you have control. 


You have the power of choice. While a bunch of your stressors may be outside of your control, you can control how to respond to stressful circumstances. By developing journaling, breathing, and gratitude practices you can help shift your perspective in life’s stressful situations. 


See the full video below and If you’re looking for more strategies to help you with perspective practices, download my FREE resource guide The Mako MethodTM.

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**A final note about toxic positivity**


I love to preach the power of positivity, but please, be sure to use this when you’re ready. Acknowledge your feelings, and only when you’re ready, move on to this perspective building. This is not a tool for dismissing your emotions, it’s a tool to bounce back from stress. 


Build your resilience to stress and create a great day!