Unhelpful Patterns of Thinking

Positive thinking is important for success in all areas.  Avoid these negative patterns of thinking to avoid falling into a downward spiral of negativity. 

All or Nothing Thinking: Black-and-white thinking. It sounds like, “If I don’t do this right, I’m a failure.” 

Overgeneralization: Seeing a pattern based on a single event or being overly broad. It sounds like, “I never win” or “Nothing good ever happens to me.”

Jumping to Conclusions: This can be two things. Thinking you know what others are thinking or thinking you can predict the future.

Mental Filter: Noticing our failures, but not seeing our successes.

Disqualifying the Positive: Discounting the good things that have happened or that you’ve done; thinking it doesn’t count.

Emotional Reasoning: Assuming because we feel a certain way, what we think must be true. It sounds like, “I feel embarrassed so I must be an idiot.”

Catastrophizing or Minimizing: Blowing things out of proportion or making them seem less important. 

Should Statements: Using words like “should/must/ought” which make us feel guilty or like we’ve failed.


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