Journal Prompts for Watching Your Thoughts

Sometimes we tell ourselves (in our minds) about how good or bad we are, about what we can or can’t do, or about other people. When we notice these stories, we can step back from them and decide if we want to believe them or not. If we are aware of them, the stories no longer have so much power over our actions. Noticing our thoughts gives us the power to change them if we want. You can notice your stories or thought patterns by watching your thoughts come and go.  Watching your thoughts is different from “thinking.” When you watch your thoughts, you try not to get carried away by any one thought or fear or fantasy. 

  • Can you think of any beliefs you had about yourself in the past? Do you think these beliefs were helpful or harmful to you?
  • Write about some of the things you think you should do. Then, write about some of the things you think you shouldn’t do. Why do you think you feel pressure to do or not do these things? What do you think is stopping you from starting or stopping these habits? 
  • What strengths and what weaknesses do you think you have? Why do you consider certain traits strengths, and why do you see other traits as weaknesses? Can you try writing about the things you consider weaknesses as additional strengths instead?

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