Work Life Balance

Do you feel like managing your work schedule and personal life is a constant juggling act and you’re one false move away from dropping it all? 


We often talk about trying to strike up a work-life balance. Work-life balance is this idea that we can equally prioritize the demands of our personal and professional lives. But this pressure to prioritize everything can be a bit overwhelming. 


When you’re trying to give 100% of yourself to everything you realize one thing: You can’t. 


So instead of aiming for work-life balance, I like to talk about work-life harmony.


Here are some ways to start finding this harmony: 

  • Accept that there won’t be a perfect balance, and that’s okay. 
  • Take care of yourself, body and mind. 
  • Set your boundaries, and enforce them.

It’s not about perfect balance, it’s about giving yourself permission and grace to figure out what works for you for personal and professional harmony.   


Instead of feeling pressure to give 100% to everything, start thinking about giving 100% of yourself to YOURSELF. 


For more information about these strategies and more ways to find work-life harmony check out our signature Cost of Care course.


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