Proactive Stress Resilience and Psychological Safety

is the key to creating highly engaged and effective teams and it’s only attainable through our evidence based Mako Method™ framework. We've helped organizations across the world, and we can help you too. Here’s how we can support you.

  • Signature Training & Professional Development
  • Inbox Coaching™ 
  • The Mako Method™ Resource Guides 

Training, Speaking Engagements,
& Professional Development

Build a culture that supports employee health and organizational wellness. Invest in your employees and your company by promoting focus, creativity, productivity, and engagement within your teams.

We facilitate engaging, educational, and energizing sessions that will have your employees walking away with actionable strategies they can begin implementing immediately to manage their stress and create Psychological Safety at Work.

Stress costs the United States over $300 billion annually due to increased absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, medical, legal, and insurance expenses, and workers’ compensation payments. Targeted Corporate Wellness programs can have a significant impact on reducing stress which can result in healthier employees and cost saving opportunities for employers.

Our trainings can be facilitated individually or as a series throughout the year!


  • Actionable strategies for managing stress & practicing self-care
  • Releasing stress & tension from the mind & body
  • Teaching mindfulness practices to teams, students or clients
  • Navigating the impacts of secondary stress, compassion fatigue, burnout
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe work culture

Inbox Coaching™

Inbox Coaching™ consists of weekly lessons designed to help your employees implement actionable strategies to improve their sense of psychological safety and stress resilience.
As a result employees will experience increased harmony between their personal and professional lives, spark rich discussions and actionable change, and shift their perspective on the impact of the way they show up to work.


  • Creative ways to help SHIFT their mindset and habits in an easily digestible format
  • Tips to BOUNCE BACK quickly when presented with stressful situations
  • Ways to INTEGRATE self care practices into their day to day with ease
  • QUICKLY complete practices that will gently transform how they interact with the world around them
  • How to BUILD RESILIENCY so they don’t just get knocked down, they get up again

Proactive stress resilience and psychological safety is the key to creating highly engaged and effective teams and it’s only attainable through our evidence based Mako Method™ framework.


Feeling stressed out & psychologically unsafe at work?

Check out our guides!

The Mako Method™ Resource Guide for Stress Management

Download our resource guide and learn over 50 ways you can use quick breathing exercises, affirmations, gratitude, journaling, and perspectives practices throughout the day to manage your stress and create psychological safety at work.


The Mako Method™ for Psychological Safety – The Ultimate Checklist

Download our free checklist to learn our framework of best practices for creating and experiencing more Psychological Safety at Work. 

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