Your Issues are in Your Tissues & Your Body is Warning You!!!

Has stress been keeping you up at night lately?

Maybe because of a conflict with team members, an increase in workload, or maybe the Sunday scaries kicking in?

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With the amount of work and responsibilities you have, it’s normal to feel stressed from time to time.

But when work-related stress starts to stack in addition to the stress in your personal life, it doesn’t just manifest in your mental, but also your physical health.

Here are just some physical symptoms of work-related stress I see most often:




💪🏽Muscular tension

And so much more…

Do you experience any of these? How about any other physical symptoms?

When these symptoms start to overlap with your personal lives, managing your workload is just ONE of the things that can become even more difficult.

Because how can you work (productively/efficiently/happily) when you’re barely holding on throughout the day?

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So that’s where the importance of actionable strategies comes in…

Now, let’s say you are one of the lucky ones who’s stress manifests itself physically (sarcasm 😩). I’m going to show you how to use that information coupled with your actionable strategies that you will continue to pick up from our resources to cope and take better care of yourself. .

⚠️ Warning Sign ⚠️

The first thing is that we can look at the physical symptoms as a warning sign. Maybe you notice that you’re always tense or have a headache, or trouble sleeping when you’re around certain people? Use this as an indicator that you may need to alter your environment or perhaps put some more intentional self-care efforts in place knowing you’re about to interact with them. Breathing exercises go a long way! Here’s one I love! Screenshot and save it!

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🧰 Find Strategies that Work for *That* 🧰

So this is where those *more intentional* strategies come into play. If you notice that you carry tension in your shoulders, back, or jaw – intentionally move those areas! We don’t just carry stress and tension in our minds, we carry it in our bodies. Gentle, intentional, movement is just one way to begin releasing the tension. Here’s one of my favorites for releasing tension from the shoulders.

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🔁 Repeat, Repeat, Repeat 🔁

Once you find strategies that work for you, do them consistently. That’s where the power lies. When you do something consistently, before you know it, it will become nearly second nature and you’re more likely to lean on your tools when you really need them.

When you’re equipped with the right tools, you’ll start to see a difference in how you go about your work and personal life. So even if you come across a small bump in the road or a challenging moment, you are more confident that you CAN get through them. Because you have the awareness and the tools. And when you take these tools and practice them every day, the reward is likely to be even greater…

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